viernes, 23 de marzo de 2007

Fencesitters, be welcome!

Para algun*s de nosotr*s el poliamor no sólo tiene que ver con tener más de una pareja y/o amor, sino con cuestionar más elementos. Este artículo que recorto me inspira especialmente.

"I’ve been thinking a lot about love and friendship lately. I think one of the taken-for-granted rules that many of us have is that lovers and friends are two very different categories of people, who we should expect different things of and treat very differently. This distinction is reinforced all around us. We don’t have legal or religious ceremonies to celebrate and confirm our commitment to our friends. The happily-ever-after in most fairy tales and Hollywood movies does not involve the hero finding a close friend or two to hang out with. (...)We are bombarded with bill-board posters and magazine articles and pop songs depicting the perfect love and the perfect couple, but there are a limited amount showing the perfect friendship, and most of these focus on children and teenagers (think of the old coca cola adverts), giving the message that friendship is something pre-love, perhaps just practice for the ‘real thing’ when we won’t need to invest so much in friendships any more.
There are many elements of the lovers/friends distinction:

1. That there is a clear distinction, and this affects how we understand relationships

2. That it is attached to a hierarchy: love is more important than friendship
3. That this affects what we expect from lovers and how we behave towards them
4. That this affects how we treat and engage with our friends"

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